Want to create a quick Podcast? Just Croak It!

bd5615d64314444d77ac9664f56d48bdPush. Speak. Share. It’s that simple. Croak it is an application that allows you to put voice stamps of your own voice in 30 second and share it with anyone on the whole of internet. Every “croak” generates a link that can be heard from any mobile device from anywhere on the internet.

Here in Manor, students at several campuses are using croak.it to create audio previews of library books and attach QR codes to them.  Attaching QR codes of book previews/reviews to library books is not something new but croak.it has simplified the process greatly.  Students can now record their “croak” and create a QR code for it on the same device in a matter of minutes.  In the past, multiple devices or applications had to be used to complete this process.  One other great benefit to Croak it is that this application does not require a log in.  Follow these simple steps to create your own Audio QR code: QR Podcasts with Croak.it.

Take a Field Trip…Virtually, That is!


Virtual Field Trips are becoming quite the item across the district!Students are participating in a variety of video conference events such as: El Paso Symphony presentation with a Violinist and Cellist, Cowboy Close Up, a virtual field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo and learning how to spin yarn with an expert from the Institute of Texan Cultures.  Bringing these events to your classroom are available through a software called ClearSea. Renee is visiting campuses and sharing how to get started.  For more information about virtual field trips visit the iTeach Videoconference website or contact Renee Setser.