Hope for Alejandro

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Ah, the power of social media… especially when used for good :)

Last week, the world fell in love with #SFBatKid and the collective efforts of a city that went to great lengths to make a young leukemia fighter’s wish come true.  Many of us watched the live stream or followed his adventures via Twitter and our faith in humanity was restored although I prefer the term strengthened.  I say this because I know that similar demonstrations of good will occur daily, it’s just we might not hear about them as readily.

I’m proud to say that here at Manor ISD we have a similar student-led effort at Pioneer Crossing Elementary that is attempting to raise money to help a friend who is also battling leukemia in kindergarten.  PCE’s Student Council is selling “Hope for Alejandro” bracelets and have been hard at work creating signs and spreading the message on mediums such as Twitter.  Two weeks ago, I was asked to help put together a video with the students and it has been an absolute moving experience to watch these students put so much time and energy in helping a fellow student. They all helped to capture footage from iPhones, iPads, and emails, and learned how tedious the editing process might be and still kept at it. We started off with iMovie and then moved over to Animoto because it seemed to better fit their needs, even if it meant starting over, demonstrating a daunting amount of grit and tenacity.

 Thankfully enough their efforts have paid off!  What was once a school-based campaign transformed overnight as Manor HS students joined in after discovering this endeavor via Twitter. Manor High School sold 100 bracelets in one day and 200 more are now on the way. To date, nearly $1000 has been raised and last night, Pioneer Crossing’s student council took their campaign to the Manor ISD school board. We hope to see other schools and local partners within Manor join the cause and support these young leaders as they work to make a difference for a young student in our very own community.

Click on the link below to watch their final product:

“Hope For Alejandro”

To get your school to join the cause or obtain “Hope for Alejandro” bracelets please contact Ms. Britt or Mrs. Janosky PCE Student Council Coordinators.

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Ms. Cerda has experience teaching multiple content areas from kindergarten to early college. She believes in hands-on, inquiry based learning while using tech to amplify instructional practices and is excited to support teachers with this at Manor ISD. Her current projects include serving on the SXSWedu 2014 advisory board, consulting with schools as a Google Certified Teacher, and organizing EdCampAustin. Oh yeah, and she's a Educational Administration grad student at UT Austin.

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